GFS (Re)Cycle Stage 1: Retrieving Waste On-Site

Global Fiberglass Solutions collects two main types of waste as part of its recycling services -- manufacturing scrap and end-of-life cycle composites. Composite structures that no longer serve their purpose to a company (and in the past would have been dumped in a landfill somewhere) now go into a new life cycle via GFS.

We at Global Fiberglass Solutions pride ourselves in our standards of excellent service, safety, training and cleanliness when it comes to on-site waste retrieval. GFS personnel coordinate with the client's Environmental Health and Safety representative to ensure all necessary standards are followed during and after materials collection.



Dealing with large amounts of heavy material, safety and regulatory compliance is as important to us as it is to our clients. That's why we have extensive policy and procedure training for field operations, including immediate cleanup of site, loading and transport of materials and final site inspection.

Our operations staff have become experienced professionals in a trade that is truly one of a kind. Though--already--GFS is the first, we strive always to be the best.

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