GFS (Re)Cycle Stage 5: Closing the Loop

GFS' clients include those whose waste material we recycle, those who purchase our recycled products and, primarily, those who do both. We strive to enable a closed-loop model of sustainable materials usage via design of products to suit the needs of our recycling clients.


At GFS we take pride in the attentive relationships we cultivate with our clients to ensure we enable them to go zero-waste. Above all, creativity is the hallmark of our ability to customize a solution that fits the needs of any new client. The possibilities for products made from recycled fiberglass or carbon fiber are fairly endless. To clients, we ask: what do you need? Then, we go from there.


Any product manufactured with the GFS process is itself recyclable with the same process. Clients get the accountability needed to enable a circular system, including our SourceTracker software system that tracks all material throughout the cycle.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the GFS (Re)Cycle. Feel free to email us if you have additional questions. Now, back to the beginning! (And again, and again...)