From West Texas to the World – New Circular Products

The time is upon us to develop and enact new ways to live and conduct business that use a circular, zero-waste model. Researchers and governments worldwide are exploring workable solutions to growing climate problems with a focus on zero-waste goals. In the American southwest, Global Fiberglass Solutions is developing a process that will enable industries to incorporate closed-loop waste streams in order to achieve their zero waste goals.

Global Fiberglass Solutions is developing its first major manufacturing facility in Sweetwater, Texas. Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, GFS has conducted its own materials science research and development through Washington State University. The company has created its own proprietary method of fiberglass material processing. The plant in Texas will be capable of processing large amounts of fiberglass composite material to be used as a precursor for manufacturers to produce reusable infrastructure products.

Global Fiberglass Solutions’ processed composite material is referred to as EcoPoly Products. GFS can not only manufacture a wide range of products from this material, but the company can customize its output to a client’s specification and/or requirements. GFS’ clients include other manufacturers, to whom the company can sell manufacturing-grade fibers and pellets. Another major product is its EP Panels for building construction. All of GFS’ products come from waste material – GFS is one company that is walking the walk of a circular economy. Now, GFS is bringing its selection of certified cradle-to-cradle composite infrastructure products to offer to the world.

The interest GFS has attracted from companies and governments around the world – with its magnitude and general enthusiasm to collaborate – astonished the company’s management, but GFS’ executives now believe the Sweetwater plant’s production scale will continue GFS’ positive impression on its global market. While they weren’t expecting this scale of response, the interest is now making a major difference in the overall growth of the company.

One industry that saw the value in GFS’ venture long before product production in Texas is one in which west Texas also takes pride – the wind energy industry. Major wind energy firms, both US-based and abroad, count GFS as a collaborative, innovative vendor. On this show of support, GFS CEO Don Lilly gives “kudos to the wind energy companies who didn’t want their [decommissioned] blades in a landfill and had the foresight to express interest in us.”

GFS business development teams from the US headquarters and the European regional office based in Hamburg, Germany will be exhibiting with the company’s product offerings at the WindEnergy Hamburg Expo this September 25-28. As a region with big commitments to carbon footprint reduction, Europe’s composites-utilizing companies have kept their eyes on GFS for some time as the company has grown.

Circular products like pellets, panels and much more show the result of GFS’ continued perseverance to meet its goal: to make a difference in our world and natural environment. While places like Germany, Denmark and China may get hype for their attention to climate problems, it’s west Texas’ time to show off its tangible solution.